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Colorado Divorce Services


Dr. Turner offers divorce services along the front range; Boulder, Denver, and Colorado Springs, as well as  Summit and Eagle County. She is trained or certified to offer the following divorce services.


Divorce Therapy/Coaching

Dr. Turner will help you and your family through the emotional aspects of divorce. She will act as a guide and an educator through this transition in life. She works with adults, teens, and children. She will comfort you and help you traverse the path of divorce successfully in her office or over the phone; whatever works best for you.


Divorce Mediation

Let our certified mediators help you resolve your differences in an affordable, amicable manner. This process occurs in the comfort of an office, not in a courtroom. Take any adversarial nature out of your divorce and replace it with a collaborative process instead as you work with Dr. Turner and a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst to reach an agreement.


Parental Responsibility Evaluator

Dr. Turner will evaluate the best parenting plan for your children through an extensive interview process with you, your former spouse, and your family. She will produce a written report for you detailing her suggestions and findings. She will also appear in court as an expert witness should you find this helpful in resolving your differences during your divorce.


Parenting Coordinator & Decision Maker

In post-decree matters, Dr. Turner can help you resolve difficulties that arise after you have finalized your divorce.  Separation agreements often have gray areas that are not clearly defined, and sometimes parents will get temporarily stuck after the divorce is finalized. Dr. Turner will make decisions and resolve those differences without the need for extensive Court intervention. 


Work Product Analysis

Dr. Turner will analyze the quality of a CFI or PRE report and provide a written document in regards to her analysis in addition she will testify in Court as to the work product review. 



Work directly with a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA) to establish a fair division of assets or debt.

Parenting After Divorce Classes


Parenting After Divorce Classes


New Beginnings currently offers two different methods for parents to obtain their certificate of completion for the courts.
One option is our online parenting after divorce class found at this website, while the other is our hands-on, instructor-led seminar available in Colorado.
Our online course is available in both English and Spanish and is presented in an easy to understand "open book" format emphasising parent education and is presented in 10 easy to read chapters.
Both courses result in the same certificate of completion for the courts.








Parental Responsibility Evaluator


Parenting Coordinator & Decision Maker



Online Parenting Classes



Level 1 - Parenting After Divorce Class


Level 1.5 - Parenting After Divorce Class


Level 2 - Parallel Parenting After Divorce Class




Divorced Parent Resources






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