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Divorce Mediation


Dr. Turner has been a therapist in private practice since 1994, she teaches parenting after divorce classes and specializes in helping families put together separation agreements that are beneficial to the children and equitable to the parents in divorcing families.


She works in conjunction with a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA) who can assist couples with their division of assets or debt, as well as child support and maintenance calculations.   The CDFA brings a unique ability to project budgets for both parents one, two, three, four, and five years from now based on how the family wishes to divide their assets. 


Mediation allows a couple to sit down together (or in separate side by side offices) to discuss their "work project", i.e. their divorce settlement.


Couples can attend mediation with or without attorneys.  Many couples find that mediation allows them to manage their own divorce without spending too much on legal fees.


Couples can craft their own agreements in a safe and productive work environment.  They can tailor their individual family needs to their parenting plans, and couples can formulate their own plans for conflict resolution in the future.  Once a settlement has been reached couples can file their consensual agreement with the courts and put closure to the divorce process.



"We thought that Dr. Turner did a fabulous job of mediating our case. We were skeptical about mediation at first, but were quickly made to feel comfortable, and our skepticism turned to optimism as we made forward progress in reaching agreement on our parenting plan."

Lindsey, Centennial, Colorado


"I wasn't sure what mediation was all about, but I'm so glad that I went to see Dr. Turner.  She helped us tremendously by taking the negative energy out of the room and filling it with positive hope for a more peaceful resolution to our problems."

BH, Parker, Colorado


"I would highly recommend both Dr. Turner and the mediation process. It kept us from having to spend too much on attorney fees, and mediation allowed us to get through our divorce more quickly versus waiting around for court dates."

Sammy, Lone Tree, Colorado


"Thank you! I really enjoyed working with you. I can't tell you the relief and peace I felt during the process as well as after. The way you handled every issue and us as a couple was caring, compassionate and highly professional without being impersonal or too "businessy". I appreciate your future availability so much as well. Thank you again for a very positive experience in a very difficult emotional situation."


Divorce Mediation

Divorce Mediation


Couples seeking divorce ask us to assist them, as co-mediators, to work through their issues and help them develop a divorce agreement, including both the financial and parenting issues.


The Court encourages parties to look for alternatives to Court hearings to reach decisions about their family.


These agreements tend to work better over the long run than those imposed by the Court or after a period of escalated conflict at the end of the litigation process.


We use a facilitative problem-solving approach to mediation, and help the parties to work out what they think is fair.



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