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Products for Divorced Parents - Divorced Parent Help - Level 1 Co-Parenting After Divorce Workbook
Level 1 Co-Parenting After Divorce Workbook
Price: $14.95
Download .PDF file immediately after purchase.

This court approved self-study guide promises to provide you with all the initial information you will need as a parent of divorce. It will help you traverse the legal and emotional aspects of divorce. This do it yourself workbook contains easy to follow chapters, and a quiz at the end if you are interested in or need to receive a certificate of completion for the courts.


With the divorce rate in the United States at 50%, it has become increasingly important to educate all parents going through the process of divorce about the specific effects divorce can have upon their children. Although you may have ended a bad marriage, it is possible to have a good divorce.


The choices you make now, as to how you choose to manage your divorce, will be largely indicative of how your child or children will be able to cope with your divorce. There are better and worse ways to divorce. Commit to taking the high road.


About the Author
Dr. Kristine Turner is a clinical psychologist, licensed in the state of Colorado. She received her Doctorate from the Pacific Graduate School of Psychology in 1994. Over the years, Dr. Turner has worked with thousands of parents and families going through divorce.


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