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 Parenting After Divorce Class

Level II



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This high conflict diversion program is Court Approved and is designed to give you strategies for negotiating in a high conflict divorce. 


All Level II class participants will need to attend two classes total to receive a certificate of completion for the court. Once participants receive materials at the first class, there will be homework assignments and a DVD to watch.  After completion of the homework, participants will meet for a couple of hours for the second class. Attendees will receive their certificate of completion for the court at the end of the program.  


2018 Seminar Schedule

Level II seminars start at 1:00 PM *unless otherwise noted.


Level I and Level II Seminars start concurrently, groups are divided up at the seminars.


*NOTE: Check back as new dates and locations are added regularly.





Monday February 11th

Koelbel Public Library

Tuesday February 26th

Koelbel Public Library

Friday  March 8th Koelbel Public Library
Tuesday  March 19th Koelbel Public Library



*Seminar dates and locations can change, so please check the website for updates prior to class.

Level II Parenting After Divorce


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